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You hold me down
I need to breathe

Numbing words and bleeding words
Just let go of yourself

This will change the rest of your life
And you’ll never make it out alive

What builds all this pressure
Inside my head
What sends the room spinning

It’s only the first time
My head is aching
But I feel so alive

Flashing city lights
Neon burning my eyes

What is going on?
Where are you taking me now?
Forcing me down the busy streets

Cold air touches my skin
The illuminated city becomes pitch
Hollow eyes and empty words
Where have you taken me?

I can’t take another minute
I can’t even speak
When my mouth opens, all I do is scream
Pain shoots through my body
As you take my hand

It was so easy for you
When I wasn’t really there
Easy to take advantage
And steal what wasn’t yours

My ending was so slow, but it was painless
Body numbed with alcohol
I didn’t feel a thing
~The world spinning, my head spinning. I'm walking in circles and I can't see a thing~

My friend's brother's friend was killed in a DWI accident. but that was like, 2 years ago. Yesterday and today my friend seemed sad and kept going to the tree that was planted for his brother's friend. And he kept rearranging the decorations on it. I wanted to cry when I watched him doing that, he seemed so sad and detached.

Sorry for venting (sort of) in a description.
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October 6, 2009
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